Fishing accommodation

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We are happy to announce that we have obtained "fishing accommodation" approval, which means that we are ready to welcome fishermen in the spirit that reigns in our house: simplicity, friendliness and authenticity.

Our house is ideally located near fishing sites. Indeed, by following a 600 meter path starting from our house, you will access the 1st category Creuse. You can also go to the Combes dam, located just 20 minutes by car, to fish for predators.

To make your stay easier, we provide you with a large car park allowing you to maneuver with a boat, a secure room to store your equipment, a refrigerator, a water point, a pool for live fish and a place to dry waders. .

We also offer breakfasts served early in the morning, so you can fully enjoy your day of fishing. Finally, you can enjoy our home cooking by reserving our table d'hôtes or by opting for our meal boards.

You also have the possibility of privatizing all the accommodation to come to our region as a group and in this formula you also have the possibility of being completely independent.